Powder Coating

Powder Coating

A powder coat finish is a durable, corrosion-resistant finish which can be applied to steel, aluminum, brass, copper or iron – virtually any type of metal. The process begins with stripping the item to bare metal. This is done to remove old paints, rust, finishes, dirt and grease. Once the item is prepared, the item is then sprayed with a dry powder through a gun that electrostatically charges it. It’s this electrical charge that causes it to stick or “coat” the metal. The item is then baked in an oven and cured at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. During the baking process, the powder gels and flows into the tightest corners to give it the most durable and brilliant finish available.

Blue Lake Industries LLC can provide a superior powder coat finish that is resistant to rust, cracks, chips, peeling and fading. Powder coating is available in several hundred colors and textures, and can even be done in metallic, Transparent and Hammertone finishes.


  • Three Powder Coating Application Booths
    8’x8’x25′ 2,500 lbs. capacity
  • Two Powder Coat Bake Ovens
  • Custom Masking
    to protect threads or machined surfaces, or simply to keep powder off machined surfaces
  • Quality Packaging
    Our goal is to return clean, quality parts to our customers
  • Pickup & Delivery
    We offer multiple pickup and delivery options for our customers
    (Please contact us to discuss)
  • Hundreds of colors
    Currently stock over 250 different colors in-house

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Over 250 Colors In Stock

Please Choose Your Colors From The Charts Below, Or Stop Out To See Our Large Display Of Actual Color Panels.

tiger drylac powder coatings ral colors plus textured and smooth
A Greener Finish For A Better World

Interior and exterior applications

tiger drylac powder coatings volume one
Super Durable Coatings


tiger drylac powder coatings essentials

Exterior & interior industrial applications

tiger drylac powder coatings metallics and special effects
Metallic Surface Finishes

2nd gen. bonded metallic surface finishing

tiger drylac powder coatings
Interior Applications

Textured and smooth


Media Blasting

Media Blasting is used to remove paint, clean, and etch metal surfaces well for good powder coat adherence. At Blue Lake Industries LLC, we feel it is essential to clean and prep every part properly before coating. It is our prep process that sets us apart from our competition. If a part is not cleaned and prepared properly, the durability of the powder coating will fail quickly. When it comes to media blasting your projects, Blue Lake Industries LLC has the equipment it takes to do the job!

pass through blast machine inside blue lake industries warehouse
Pass Through Blaster

Capacity 36” x 72” x 25’ This blaster has (8) blasting wheels to propel the media. The wheels are positioned to hit every angle of the parts as they pass through. Our Pass Through Blaster is a fully automated process, allowing us to adjust the speed of the line as the parts pass through. This machine is used for high production runs of railings, gates, grills, channel, angle iron, etc…

powder coating booth and equipment
Cabinet Blasting Booth

Capacity 12’ x 8’ x 22’ The large blast booth is used to blast large components such as trailers, car frames, and large structural weldments. Our cabinet has a full recovery floor to recycle the media as we are blasting. This greatly increases productivity and efficiency. This blasting process is much the same as Sandblasting, the only difference is we use a different blasting media.

table blaster and metal table
Table Blaster

This blast machine is ideal for blasting tables, chairs, heavy steel plates etc… This machine uses (1) blast wheel which propels the media. The parts are placed on a 6’ diameter table which rotates allowing the blast media to contact the entire area of the parts on the table. It only takes three minutes for this machine to run a complete cycle.

tumble blaster sitting in warehouse on concrete floor
Tumble Blasting

Capacity 36” x 800 lbs. The Tumble blast machine is used to blast small production parts. This machine uses (1) blast wheel to propel the media. The parts are placed on a rubber belt which rotates on bearing rollers allowing the parts to “tumble” as the media is propelled from the top of the chamber. This machine allows us to blast small production parts very efficiently. It only takes two minutes for this machine to run a complete cycle.

wheel being powder coated inside booth at blue lake industries
Small Cabinet Blasting Booth

Capacity 36” x 36” x 36” The small cabinet blast machine is perfect for blasting Aluminum Wheels, Thin Sheet Metal parts, Engine part, etc… This machine gives us the ability to blast thin and fragile parts with extreme care. We run #70 Aluminum Oxide in this cabinet, which is very fine blasting media.

Walk-in customers or truck-load sized projects…
Blue Lake can handle your large or small projects.

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Shipping Available

Blue Lake Industries LLC provides affordable pickup and delivery options for their customers. Whether it is a small package to ship UPS or a large flatbed load we have the equipment to handle it!

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