Blue Lake Industries offers a wide range of custom manufacturing and fabrication services in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Our services include precision sheet metal fabrication, parts manufacturing, and structural fabricating. We strive to produce accurate parts, quality weldments, and follow your project specifications to ensure your parts meet or exceed your quality expectations. Contact us for your future fabricating & manufacturing needs!

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  • Automatic Sawing
    We use automatic feed for production sawing on small parts, providing accurate and repeatable cuts
  • CNC Forming
    Our CNC press brake allows us to form sheet metal parts quickly and accurately
  • Mig Welding
    We have experienced Mig welders capable of handling steel or aluminum
  • Tig Welding
    For quality and precision, Tig is our most commonly used welding process for stainless steel
  • Robotic Welding
    We use robotic welding for high quantity projects, to create consistent high-quality welds
  • Cutting
    We work directly with other companies to provide laser cutting and waterjet cutting for your projects

Check Out Some Of Our Manufacturing Projects

milling machine at work

Laser • Machining • Waterjet

We are able to provide precise laser, machined, and waterjet cut parts in conjunction with our friends at Cutting Unlimited, and other reliable companies.

CNC Forming

We have precision sheet metal forming up to 12’ in length and 200 Ton capacity.

press brake in use

cad design

CAD Design Services

If you have a simple idea that you need sketched up and fabricated, a new product line that you want to get started and need detailed part & assembly drawings, or a complex piece of machinery that you need designed and built, Blue Lake Industries can provide the design services you need to prepare your product for construction. Almost every job that we do involves CAD design in some way. Properly designing and preparing the job makes shop labor much more efficient through the whole manufacturing process and final assembly. We are not engineers; however, we do have extensive hands-on experience and by collaborating and sharing ideas can help provide solutions and solve problems.